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Application analysis of electronic transformer in Intelligent Substation

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        The application of electronic transformer in intelligent substation is of great significance to improve the stability and reliability of substation operation, and greatly improve the quality of power production. In this paper, the electronic transformer in the application of intelligent substation related issues are analyzed and discussed:
1 Introduction
At this stage in the construction process of substation automation, has gradually become the main trend of building automation system, and continue to be expanded, the traditional equipment has gradually advanced intelligent equipment. The conventional electromagnetic transformer equipment has become the bottleneck of substation intelligent construction, it is difficult to ensure the development and application of substation automation technology.
The electronic transformer as a product of the development of electric power technology in the new era, has good stability, and in the construction of modern intelligent substation, can play an effective role in the substation construction personnel has gradually been recognized and adopted.
Requirements of electronic transformer for 2 intelligent substation
In the electronic transformer selection, to be consistent with the actual voltage level, and ensure the consistency between the specific circumstances of electronic transformer and substation, substation equipment for the selection of 220kV, mainly in the dual signal output, and uses the current transformer of the same level, and then through the optical fiber access. In the electronic transformer selection, to ensure that the electronic transformer can be measured with high frequency components of non periodic components accurately, and ensure that the transformer can meet the requirements of protection, measurement, measurement, dynamic observation of different aspects of the electronic transformer to achieve the dual independent configuration, the protection and control device independent guarantee configuration, two function modules do not interfere with each other, and think ahead and redundant fiber optic sensor, electronic transformer has its own need to ensure adequate accuracy, and consistent with the measurement regulations and standards of the state, in the process of substation operation, electronic transformer needs effective detection of temperature, operation condition, abnormal, the smooth realization of Paul dynamic monitoring. In the process of installation, electronic transformer should have flexible installation method, and adapt to a variety of installation environment. In the neutral point of main transformer substation, can design the electronic transformer, and for other current sensing position installation can be selected according to the actual situation of transformer substation in public winding installation, to ensure the independence of the different output circuit, the current transformer and voltage transformer combination the performance and technical indicators for the related electronic components are examined and tested strictly, ensure that the data has good synchronization. In the detection of electronic components, but also to ensure that to adapt to the high intensity of the electronic environment, to ensure that the relevant transformer equipment can be properly protected action, not affected by the surrounding environment.
The influence of 3 electronic transformer on Smart Substation
In the process of development of substation intelligent and automation, and application of electronic transformer, effectively solve the series of problems in the process of the development of the substation, greatly promoted the intelligent construction pace, it has become an important equipment of modern substation construction. Application of electronic transformer, the structure of electronic device is greatly simplified, and through digital signal transmission, can receive equipment through digital signal using direct digital signal conversion, to avoid the required equipment, effectively reduce the use of sampling and holding, DAC device etc.. The application of electronic transformer reduces the system error, improves the quality of measurement data transmission, and improves the accuracy of data monitoring. The electronic transformer reduces the electromagnetic interference to the other two devices, effectively improves the stability of the substation equipment, and avoids the signal distortion caused by the load. The digital measurement technology improves the application level of dynamic monitoring, and the purpose of integrated substation construction is possible through the application of electronic transformer.

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