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Function and classification of transformer

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Power system transformer is the power grid with high voltage and high current information transmitted to the low voltage and low current two side measurement, measurement and relay protection and automatic equipment have a special transformer, is a component of contact system and the two system of the primary winding connected to the power grid. The two winding is connected with the measuring instrument and relay protection equipment respectively. The transducer and the measuring instrument and measuring device to cooperation, voltage and current and electric measuring a system; and relay protection and automatic equipment cooperation. Can form electrical maintenance of power network fault and automatic control. Transformer function is good or bad, directly affect the accuracy of power system measurement and measurement, and the reliability of relay maintenance equipment action.
Transformer is divided into two categories: voltage transformer and current transformer
(1) the voltage and current information of the special primary system is accurately transmitted to the two side equipment;
(2) the high voltage of the primary system. The high current is converted to two side low voltage (standard value 100V, 100 / root three V), small current (standard value 5A, 1A),. The measurement, measurement instruments and relays and other equipment standardization, miniaturization, and reduce the insulation requirements of the two equipment.
(3) the two side equipment as well as the two system and the first system high voltage equipment are well separated in electrical, and then ensure the safety of the two equipment and the human body.

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