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External structure component of electromagnetic voltage transformer

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     All high voltage transformers from the external point of view, there are no more than three parts of the head, casing and base.
(1) head connected transformer and circuit. All types of transformers must have a lead terminal and its signs. The oil immersed transformer is equipped with an expander, and the SF6 transformer is equipped with an explosion proof piece.
(2) the bushing is the external insulation of the instrument transformer. External insulation of casting instrument transformer is replaced by pouring insulation instead of bushing insulation. The casing design must consider the transformer itself under the over-voltage level, considering the environment pollution condition, the factors of transformer mechanical force. At the same time also must consider and with the transformer body, a base, such as head.
(3) the support of the base is used to fix the main body of the transformer. The base shall have nameplates, two lead terminals, grounding terminals, mounting holes, oil drain (or outgassing) valves, SF6, transformers, pressure gauges and gas density relays, etc..

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