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Current transformer and modern building electrical fire protection

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    The main function of the current transformer is to convert the large current in the AC circuit into a small proportion of current (the standard is 5 Abe calculation) in China for the purpose of measurement and relay protection.
The current transformer can be divided into the measuring current transformer and the protective current transformer
1 、 current transformer for measurement
A measuring current transformer is a current transformer that provides current for indicating meters, integrating meters and other similar electrical appliances. The measuring current transformer is widely used to measure the current of the low-voltage distribution system, mainly accurate (the given level of the current transformer) are: 0.2, 0.5, 1, 3, 5, etc.
2, protective current transformer
Protection for general multiple bus through to relay protection circuit of current transformer, which is developed for detecting short-circuit fault protection system, with different accuracy and accuracy limit factor, can be extended to different perforation size, widely used in low-voltage power distribution protection system. It can also be used to collect low voltage overload and short circuit signal, which is compatible with protective relay.
With the large scale, high level, building more and more complex, the fire control problem is extremely important, however, large shopping malls crowded fire problems can not be ignored, as living conditions are getting better and better, people on the living environment of the safety requirements will be higher, there is an easy to manage, can find a fire and timely alarm automatic fire alarm system is extremely important. The modern technology of computer. The control, communication, display and use in combination, to control linkage to other fire equipment, fire and fire has its own ability in the modern construction safety is a key role.
For example, a clothing store in Beijing, 10 floors on the ground, underground layer, for the fire system reconstruction project, the original fire fighting system pipe network local transformation. The application of intelligent building system is more and more extensive, and the electrical fire monitoring system with current transformer is an important part. Therefore, the current transformer plays a very important role in the design of automatic fire alarm and fire fighting linkage system in large stores.

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