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Development trend of high voltage transformer

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       Admittedly, the current manufacturing quality and technical level of China's high voltage transformer, can not fully meet the development needs of power system compared with foreign well-known transformer products in developed countries, there is still a certain gap. In order to meet the needs of users as soon as possible, and surpass the advanced and advanced level of the world, it is expected that the recent development of high voltage transformers in China has the following aspects.
(1) to the higher level voltage level, the UHV grid 1000KV will appear in China in the near future, so the high voltage transformer should be extended to the new high voltage level.
(2) with the development of national network of electric power system, the power capacity will be more and more with the development of the situation, requirements of current transformer to the development direction of higher parameters, such as the 220 ~500KV products will exceed the rated current of 50A, thermal current will reach 63kA (3S), dynamic current will reach more than 160KA.
(3) sF6 transformer will get more extensive application in our country, city power grid equipment selection focus on miniaturization, oil free, free maintenance or less maintenance, S, high voltage transformer has the characteristics of explosion-proof, flame retardant, small volume, light weight, simple manufacture, convenient maintenance and so on, so it will have a broad market. But the quality of products needs to be improved so as to meet the needs of users.
(4) dry-type transformer, because of its advantages, will continue to extend to a high voltage field, the composite insulation dry capacitor type pillar type current transformer and current transformer casing the highest voltage has been reached 110KV, estimates will soon have the dry transformer high voltage level of the. The resin casting type transformer will be widely welcomed by the users.

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