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History of manufacture and manufacture of high voltage transformers in China

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     With the development of socialist economic construction, the construction of China's power industry change rapidly and achieved rapid development, the transmission capacity of the power system is constantly expanding, long-distance transmission is increasing rapidly, the voltage level is increased rapidly, including high voltage electrical transformer manufacturing industry has provided a broad market, and promote China's manufacturing leap high voltage transformer the development of.
The development of China's high voltage transformer manufacturing, experienced from the control of the founding period, 1960s to after modification, self design, gradually improve, improve the introduction, digestion, research, development, in order to adapt to the market of our country to improve continuously the development process.
In the early 1950s, our country only produced oil immersed high voltage transformers, basically modeled after the Soviet union. The product is completely consistent with its shape, structure, and even technical parameters. At that time, the transformer made very few, mostly rely on transformer factory and switch factory, the production of varieties is not enough, incomplete specifications, can not meet the needs of users. Know that in late 1950s, Shenyang transformer factory in 1956 and 1958 has produced the successful birth of anti Soviet type 220kV electromagnetic voltage transformer and current transformer 220kV, which ended in China was not able to produce ultra high voltage transformer history.
At the beginning of 1960s, transformer manufacturers in our country gradually increased, transformer industry embarked design their own entrepreneurial path, in order to adapt to the situation of our country, promote technological progress, improve the level of products made a lot of efforts, such as epoxy resin pouring transformer is designed by our country, Shenyang transformer factory and Shanghai Switchgear Factory successful trial reached, small size, light quality objective. The 35--220kv oil impregnated paper insulated transformer was modified to form a domestic product series. In 1970s, through the research and development, Shenyang transformer factory successively fish in 1972 and 1979 completed the key project of our country need 330kV and 550kV type current transformer trial production task.
At the same time, the development of China's capacitive voltage transformer is very rapid, China's production of the transformer as early as 1963, the Xi'an electric power capacitor factory first developed, started production of 110--220kv capacitor voltage transformer, then the trial of 330kV and 550kV capacitive voltage transformer in 1970 and 1980 respectively. The. Capacitive voltage transformer is the only product that has no introduction technology and no import key production equipment in the domestic power transmission and transformation equipment.
In 1980s, in order to improve the level of product design and manufacturing technology, to improve the reliability of transformer, accelerate the development of transformer, China transformer industry product quality rectification of new products began the two joint firm. At the same time, the advanced technology and manufacturing technology of the developed countries are introduced, and gradually conform to the international standards. The industry adopts the IEC standard, and the enterprise has passed the iso90000 series certification. The product has improved the technical content and manufacturing technology level, and shortened the production bureau with advanced level in developed countries. From 1980s to 90s, the manufacture of transformers in China has made great progress.

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