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Technical condition of current transformer

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 My company production of micro current transformer products, JB/T10665-2006 parameters "micro current transformer" GB 1208-2006, "current transformer" Q/GDW11179.15-2015 "standard, meet the electric power meter components - Part fifteenth: technical specification of current transformer" and "JJG313-2010" verification regulation of current transformer measurement.
Power frequency insulation strength: rated power frequency withstand voltage of a current transformer with two windings for 3kV (RMS), when specified to type insulation protection requirements, in accordance with the requirements of the experiment and the experimental conditions of GB/T17215, power frequency withstand voltage 4kV (Fang Jungenzhi).
Interturn insulation strength: two winding open circuit, the actual frequency of sine wave current 40~60Hz on the primary winding, the RMS value is equal to a rated current, for 60s, the transformer interturn insulation damage.
Insulation resistance: the insulation resistance of the primary winding of the current transformer to the two winding and the ground shall be greater than 1000M;
Polarity: polarity of current transformer is polarity reduction, that is, when the current of primary winding flows from the "P" end, the current in the two winding flows from the "S" end to the external loop (as shown in the working principle diagram);
Overload capacity: under the rated load of transformer after 30 max current half cycle after impact, transformer thrown intact, while returning to the rated current when the transformer error does not exceed 1.3 times the prescribed limits, the demagnetization, the accuracy of the original transformer transformer meet the grade requirements.
The error limit: the current error (phase difference) and phase error at rated frequency should not exceed the limit specified in the following table when the rated load and its load are below any value.


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